Frequently Asked Questions & Company Policies

  • When will I receive the images?


You will receive the edited images the next working day directly to your email, normally between 2:00 pm- 5:00 pm. The photos will be stored in a cloud storage service called "DropBox".


We have a service called same-night delivery & upload to the MLS for $27.50


  • What if I scheduled an appointment on Friday or the day before a Holiday?


If your photo shoot takes place on Friday, then you receive the edited photos on Saturday. The only day that we don’t deliver Next Day, is if the photos are taken on a Saturday or the day before a Holiday, then you will get the photos on Monday. Since our Editing-Team does not work on Sundays or on Holidays.


  • How many photos will I get?


We do not count the number of photos we take.  We usually take between 30-70 photos depending on the size and photo-ready areas of your property.


  • How long does a photo shoot take?


A photoshoot normally takes between 30-60 mins. The length of a photoshoot depends on the size of the property. Make sure to have the property ready for the photo shoot before the photographer arrives at the property.


  • What photos will you take of my listing?


Generally, this is what we photograph: Exterior, Entryway, Living Room, Kitchen, Breakfast Nook, Dining Room, Office, Formal Living Room, Game Room, Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Secondary Bedroom, Secondary Bathrooms. If you want us to take photos of other areas such as the garage, closets, a barn, a warehouse, etc., you must let us know in advance or during the appointment.


  • Which angles will you use to photograph the property? 

Our photographers will use their expert eye and artistic judgment when choosing the best angles for your photographs, taking the space, colors and any special features into account. If you would like photos taken from a specific angle, please be sure to let the photographer know so that they can incorporate this into their shoot. Failure to let the photographer know about any desired angles which results in a reshoot taking place, will incur extra fees to complete the reshoot.

  • What if I have don't like the way the photographer took the photos? 


We will always do our best to help you get the photos you want, which is why we highly encourage you talk to us about your expectations of the pictures/video(s) before the shoot. 


We understand that each client we work with have their own taste and preference when if comes to photos (eg. some might like the room doors to be closed for the photos, some might prefer them open, etc.). For this reason, we highly advise that the client, or a representative, is present at the appointment to check the photos with the photographer and communicate with them about any specific requests they might have. If this is not possible, we recommend that clear and specific directions about any special requirements or requests are given by the client beforehand, so that the photographer can take these into consideration when taking the photos. Failure to notify the photographer about any special requests or preferences which results in a reshoot taking place, will incur extra fees to complete the reshoot.


  • What are your hours of operations?


Our office is open Monday - Friday, 9:00 to 5:00 but our photographers work Monday - Saturday between 8:00 am up to 7:30 pm based on the season of the year.

Weekend calls and emails may not be monitored until the next working day based on the urgency.


  • Can you post the photographs directly to the MLS for me?


We can upload photos to the MLS if the serviced is requested previously. You will need to include the MLS Number in the comments section while booking or in a separate email including the address of service.


  • What editing should I expect?


While some competitor charges for replacing sky (blue skies) and enhancing the color of the grass (greener grass) for free! We try to keep the original colors while enhancing blue skies and greener. We also make sure no reflection of people and cameras are on the mirrors.


For requests such as object removal, patch grass, clean the pool, correcting interior painting and flooring. This is called heavy editing and we charge $7 per picture.


  • Who owns the photo/video copyright?


Pic2House has the copyright and grants to the client the right to use the photos for any purpose. The copyright is non-exclusive, non-transferable, meaning that you can’t transfer/give/borrow the photos that we give to you to a 3rd party. 


  • Are there are discounts available?


We are the most affordable company with no hidden fees or charges per photo-count in the Greater Houston area.  Is not possible to offer extra discounts.

We are volume-driven, so we don’t make a lot on each case, which is why we are able to keep our very affordable prices at a very high quality, blue-sky editing, and with next day delivery.


  • When and How should I pay?


We do not require prepayment to show up and take your property photos but payment must be made on the same of the appointment. An online invoice will be sent on the same day of the appointment for you to pay it in order to get the photos from your phone or computer. Our photographers are allowed to receive cash and checks.

If you are willing to pay over the phone, that option is also available per request. 


  • Do you have a Supra Key?


All our photographers are equipped with a Supra Key.


  • What happens when is RAINING?

If heavy raining is present, the photographer and the agent have the rights to cancel/postpone the appointment before the photographer shows up. If the agent doesn't call and the photographer shows up and is not raining we will take the photos since we are able to edit the photos and replace Sky and grass to make it look like a sunny/blue day naturally.


  • What if I need to CANCEL or Reschedule my appointment?


A client can cancel or reschedule an appointment for free by notifying with at least 12 hours in advance. 

A cancellation or late rescheduling fee will apply of $20 will apply if a cancellation occurs within 12 hours before the appointment. $40 if the photographer shows up without previous notice of the realtor.

When raining the can cancel/reschedule the appointment with at least 2 hours in advance for free. Since we can always edit the sky, if there is no cancellation/rescheduling request the photographer will show up and if there is no photo session a cancellation fee of $40 will apply.

  • What if I am not fully satisfied with the photos?


We will try to make sure you are always satisfied by reaching out to you to see what can we do about the photos, make the proper corrections, or explain certain situations. The client has 3 days to reach back to us regarding the appointment and it will be fixed for free or a small fee depending on the situation. If the client decides not to use the photos or videos during our 3 days policy, we can credit back the fee and charge just a cancellation fee to cover the photographer's travel and time spent on site. No refunds are given on a photo session or service if more than 3 days have passed.


If the customer contacts us after 3 days, we can arrange a reshoot or edition for a smaller than the original fee. 

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